Hello from Belgium!


I had a little problems with this laptop so I couldn’t write till now. I came here a week ago, and a funny fact is that I bought a plain ticket that included hand baggage only. Usually I travel with a lot of stuff (just in case I really need to wear one exact thing) and this time I already had one bag left in Belgium so I really didn’t have to bring more with me. In that luggage you can bring 12 kg max.

At the end I got a few T-shirts, one bag and 2 pair of jeans

Before my departure I had a coffee with my friend and she showed me this new little perfume from Moschino! It is pretty  awesome!

Moschino edt


Coffee time:)

I also had the opportunity to see new Zagreb Airport- Franjo Tuđman. It looks pretty good although it seems small compared to other international airports.

Enter a caption
New Airport


eventually I decided to take my black converse
One beautiful place to spend your time (and money cuz prices are hilarious ) while waiting on flight
After a security check

As you can see on my previous photos I choose to bring my blue leather jacket and my raincoat in my bag. It was a tough decision because I have a couple of jackets in different colors.. In the end I went for blue one, but it would be better if I had taken my coat cuz here is freezing ! I also had a problem with shoes but eventually  I went for my black converse, one running  sneakers and Zara  ankle boots.

I have left my Birkenstock in Belgium and they are sooo comfy

IMG_9049 (1)

A few things caught my eye here. First is one beautiful bag from Gucci, the model is called GG supreme dionysus but I really can decide between the sizes.. What do you guys think? One big advantage of mini model is that you can wear it crossbody!

Gucci GG supreme Dionysus in medium size
Mini size of Gucci dionysus




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