Long time no see:)

I have had many exams this 2 weeks so I couldn’t write. To be honest I can’t wait to go to Belgium. My departure is on 12th of April! Only 5 days left 🙂 I can’t wait to see my BF and that beautiful country again. I’m hoping that I will have some great pictures to post and things to write about. In this post I decided to write about some of my favourite things right now… Most things I bought while in Belgium.  Hope to make a new video soon with the same theme.

  1. ZARA coat

The first favourite thing is definitely coat from ZARA. I wanted to buy it when I was in Croatia but I found it in Ghent on sale for 30% off. Black and gold is one of my favourite color combination and If I have to choose between gold and silver, I’m always going to choose gold. It also has one beautiful detail on the back- collar is red ❤ In love with the details. They give so much more to the coat. This coat you can really combine with everything, as you can see ;DIMG_3398

Zara coat



2. Louis Vuitton speedy 35

What can I say about this amazing bag? I wanted it for a long time and finally got it! I hardly decided for size 35 , because my first wish was to buy speedy 30, but when I went to the store and had both in my hands, speedy 30 seemed a little bit to small- the best thing is the difference between the  prices: Speedy 35 is around 20 euros cheaper… I find it a little bit funny I have to say. My speedy is 35 in Damier ebene  canvas design. With the bag goes one big box, dust bag and a lock.

In front of Chanel store on Boulevard de Waterloo
Keys and the lock
Everyday at least one picture from the elevator 😉
Here you can see the difference between the sizes

3. Karl Lagerfeld T-shirt and Phone case

Now you can see this amazing T-shirt that I wanted the second I saw it on Karl Lagerfeld’s instagram account. I could choose between black with white Karl but on the end I went for this one. I wear it all the time.

Look at those KARLs on the wall ❤
I really love the concept of the store.


4. ZARA leather jacket

I wanted this jacket since it came to the store in Zagreb but I already have a green and a blue one, so it wasn’t my priority then. When I saw it on sale I bought it immediately. The only bad thing about the jacket is the color because you can wear it only few times before it gets black…. Literally;DIMG_7431IMG_6266IMG_7459

5. Chloe edp and Victoria secret set for goodbye

I really love all those flowery and sweet perfumes. My all time favorite is definitely Daisy from Marc Jacobs, currently I use black edition, but my big wish was to buy Chloe signature. I finally got it at the airport and for phenomenal price! Even though perfume itself (50mL) normally coasts around 60€, I got the edp of 75mL, Body lotion of 100mL and one little bottle for my bag of 5mL for only 70€ 🙂

The second thing I had to buy is this Victoria Secret vanity case !!IMG_6202

Can’t get enough of perfumes




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