Brussels, Brussels and once again Brussels

First time I have visited Brussels was in August last year. I went there with my boyfriend who currently lives there. At the beginning of April I have exams to pass so I will definitely go to Belgium after that. I don’t know the exact date but it will be soon so I came up to an idea of writing post about it. Belgium is really nice country, they have high standards and if you want to go there for a longer period and also are a student,-apartments are expensive to rent. Another things you have to buy there on a daily basis are also much more expensive than in Croatia. I was also looking for some possibilities to go study there but one big problem is French- it is required. If you go in another Flemish parts also Flemish- Dutch. Third language used is German but I didn’t see many people there using it. Waffles, beers, many chocolate and macaroons… If you are on some kind of a diet also don’t recommend you to go;) Also check out my new video on YT- lm2909——

Waffles *****
Palais de justice de Bruxelles
In front of St. Michael and St.Gudula’s Cathedral

In love with this! Most famous “Pierre Marcolini” store.
Yes!!! Flower carpet on the main square- Grote Markt. You can see this beautiful carpet every 2 years, next one is from 16th to 19th August 2018


Little shopping on Avenue Louise never killed nobody 😉



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