Nail polishes

A couple of months ago I’ve become obsessed with Essie nail polishes. First time I saw them in Croatia they were too expensive and I really didn’t want to waste my money on it, but when you buy your first one, you have to buy them all;)

In every picture I used top coat”Gel setter”.

In Croatia they are priced at 74,99kn, In Belgium they are priced higher at 12,99€ but they are  absolutely worth it every cent because the colors are amazing and they last for around a week.img_3314

One nail lacquer I really really like and have used for years is “Eveline”.

Eveline 8 in 1 nail polish

My first Essie polish was actually bought by my boyfriend in Belgium because I couldn’t find it here in Croatia. It’s called “Essie Tea and crumpets” (I originally wanted “Essie Spin the bottle”.Next time I will not ask my boyfriend to buy it for sure ;D). I do like the color but I’m more “shimmeryfree”kind of a  person. It is nice beige color but I really don’t like shimmery and glittery polishes. But beige for it self is nice.

Essie- Tea and Crumpets

The second one I’ve got is “Spin the bottle”. It’s a nice nude- beige color.

Essie- Spin the bottle

Next one and my favorite for now is “Go Go Geisha”- antique blossom pink color.

Essie- Go Go Geisha

I really wanted some gray color polish so I couldn’t decide between “Chinchilly” and “Cocktail Bling”. Both ones are gray but “Cocktail bling” has some blue notes. It’s a pale gray color but it really depends on the light for some reason.img_3068

Essie Cocktail bling.

Next polish is also a result of a decision between black colors. “Luxedo” , “Licorice” and “Bobbing for Baubles”-wich won the battle. It looks black but actually it’s more of a dark gray color.


Essie- Bobbing for Baubles

I also got one more dark color-“Essie wicked”. It’s deep and  dark creamy red nail polish.


Essie- Wicked

“Essie a cut above”- I’ve bought it to combine with other polishes for example:img_6496img_7019FullSizeRender.jpg

And the last ones are the same colors . “Lady like” I prefer more because it’s a perfect nude color without any shimmery or glittery effects. “Essie Demure vix” is pretty much the same color but with some shimmery pink effects.

Enter a caption
Essie- Lady like




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